We operate as small architectural practice specialising in small to medium sized inner suburban residential development.

While we have 25 years experience in Architectural Practice, and building Construction experience over the last 10 years. Over this period, we have built houses, both to our own designs as well as the designs of other architects.

There are four projects displayed on this site - if you would like more information don't hesitate to email. 

Our design philosophy concentrates on the timeless qualities of architecture, with specific attention to energy efficiency & spatial experience, experimentation and organisation. We employ small-scale urban design strategies to get the most out even the most constrained sites. 

Our intimate involvement in the building process has given us greater understanding of the issues involved in successful construction, not the least of which being, budgetary control.

We believe that our experience has given us a balanced approach to the problems of design and construction.  Hence we always look for the most elegant solution to any given site: that is one that combines practical, financial & aesthetic aims